PQ WALTZ 2019 is an initiative by
Trudi Maan, Henny Dörr and Anne Habermann.

We expand ideas on both learning and designing,
and invite the international community of scenographers,
both teachers and students in the field to join.

As representatives of Scenography programmes of two Dutch Academies,
and in close collaboration with our other colleagues in the Netherlands,
we chose for the PQ19 edition to make an international open call, purposely seeking
participants from all over the world for a simple but bold plan, an experimental idea
for collaborative work that crosses physical, social and national borders.

It is grounded in the didactic and curating practices of our courses which range from
the regular theatre work to working on site, in collaborative teams in
typical rustic Dutch villages to residencies in abandoned industrial venues.
Ranging from very local but interdisciplinary work to internships and workshops abroad.
In all cases, we seek for our participants confrontations/encounters
with ‘what is strange and different’,
and to be ‘not home, but underway’.

And we are inquiring,
how can we create a project that shows the complexity of our world and our time?

• Defying ownership
• Crossing borders
• Asking who owns the public space (urban/land), who can travel through, who is welcome
• Making/experiencing direct and physical relation to the environment
• Facilitating performativity, potential action, political/social awareness
• Creating time and space by getting out of our comfort zone
• Working time related, durational, process focused, in real time

We found each other in the conviction that the scenographic eye
is one of many perspectives, that is multi-faceted and should be trained to be so.
We imagine spaces where these perspectives can meet. We seek participants that are eager and
ready to draw new lines between points, ready to embark on a travel that takes time.

Trudi Maan, Henny Dörr and Taciser Sevinc work at the University of the Arts Utrecht,
Scenography BA and MA at the School of Theatre (HKU).
Anne Habermann works as Course leader Scenography|Costume design at
Toneelacademie Maastricht, Institute of Performative Arts, Zuyd Hogeschool.