Be A Hiker

Be A Hiker

Welcome the unknown and the unexpected into your life.
“Nothing ever came out of comfort zones”

Dream, think, choose.
How much time do you need? Can you match a “way of travelling” with a “chosen route”?

Join a workshop in Utrecht in February, explore Performance and Identity with Trudi Maan;
or join Taciser Sevinc for Eye of the Walker, on site in The Netherlands or online from your location.

Conduct a slow travel full of scenographic experiments, performances, engagements,
while you walk, hitchhike, ride, drive to Prague
and arrive on a day between 6th and 10th of June 2019.

Stay in Prague as long as you want,
Experience the PQ19, 50th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space,
an event that brings the best of design for performance, scenography, and theatre architecture
to the front line of cultural activities to be experienced by professional and emerging artists.

Take part in the student section of The Netherlands that welcomes all international students,
work, build, perform, share for a theatrical exhibition in PQ19.

Be a ‘journeyman’,
a wayfarer, living of the land, trying to work for food, a bed and practicing to be sociable and honourable.

Carry a minimum of belongings,
carry your experience, enthusiasm, culture and art to engage with people beyond borders.

Be open,
to new people, ideas, experience and knowledge that you will gain through your slow travel.


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