PQ Waltz 2019
Call is Closed!

You are invited to participate in PQ WALTZ 2019,
to welcome the unknown and the unexpected into your life.
“Nothing ever came out of comfort zones”

This project is a joint venture in which you are expected to operate independently,
organise your own plan and/or partners, be open to unexpected situations,
and assume responsibility for the role and position you take.

You will choose to be a HIKER or a WELCOMER

you will slowly travel to Prague. You will decide your own particular route.
You can chose to pair up with others or travel alone. You can walk, bike, hitch-hike,
take local transport, etc. You are open to adapt your route according to meetings
and unexpected situations. You can offer to do odd jobs, you can make a poem
or a small performance in exchange for a sleeping place…
One of the lessons of slow travel is to get lost!
By slow traveling you will be crossing (social) borders all the time;
facilitating performativity, creating political, social and aesthetic awareness.
A role and a responsibility of an artist/participant is to act, react, contemplate
and/or respond to the world.
You will also think and act upon what you personally think is worthwhile
documenting about your travel.
You will be welcomed in Prague in a performative space, which will be
specifically created for this occasion with welcoming rituals:
the space will evolve with your presence during the period of welcoming.

you will create and develop a temporary space to welcome the hikers in Prague;
in which events and rituals can and will take place with ample openness for improvisation.
In hospitality, there are great scenographic, theatrical and ritualistic qualities, independent from
the qualities or the quantities of the travellers or guests. This space you will create together
to welcome the hikers will be either on site in Prague or at the Industrial Palace.
It will be informed, inspired and filled with the journey of the hikers and their experiences,
artistic work like drawings, paintings, films, performances, signs of life, tracks & traces,
podcasts and postcards, their memorabilia and souvenirs.


PQ WALTZ 2019 has limited space for students, but we invite graduated participants
to a challenge to find other ways to share their experiences and artworks;
we are curious to hear podcasts, audio messages, to see/read posts about their experiences,
works and/or reflections in Facebook and Instagram or in mail instead of welcoming space.

We are currently figuring out the several ingredients of the Waltz;
like what size of the welcoming space can be and how many participants we can welcome.
We are inventing this project as we go. But we will arrange circumstances and
references for each role to make this a meaningful experience.

To get prepared, we organise several workshops in Utrecht, in Maastricht and on online platforms.
If you organise a group, you could also create a meeting/workshop to broaden knowledge and insights,
and to investigate the possibilities of this challenge. You are most welcome to share your reflections,
bright ideas, motivations and suggestions with us.


– Closing registration: 25 December 2018

– First workshop with HIKERS in Utrecht, preparing for ‘performance’ and ‘identity’ and route, with Trudi Maan and others: February 2019

– First workshops with WELCOMERS in Maastricht, with Stefan Rusu and Florian Fischer: 6-10 May 2019

– More workshops in several geographic places: 27 February – 11 March 2019

– Arrival in Prague for WELCOMERS: 25 May 2019

– Arrival in Prague for HIKERS: 6 – 10 June 2019

– Closing and dismantling the welcoming space: 12 June 2019

– Opening PQ 2019: 6 June 2019

– Closing PQ 2019: 16 June 2019

Once you have registered to participate in PQ Waltz 2019 you will get a reply with several questions concerning:
– as a HIKER, your intended trail, the shoes you will wear…
– as a WELCOMER your favourite welcoming rituals/song/text/object…

For more questions: Taciser Sevinc


PQ WALTZ 2019 is an initiative by
Anne Habermann, Trudi Maan and Henny Dörr.

We want to expand ideas on both learning and designing, and invite the international
community of scenographers, both teachers and students in the field to join.

As representatives of Scenography programmes of two Dutch Academies,
and in close collaboration with our other colleagues in the Netherlands,
we chose for the PQ19 edition to make an international open call, purposely seeking
participants from all over the world for a simple but bold plan, an experimental idea
for collaborative work that crosses physical, social and national borders.

It is grounded in the didactic and curating practices of our courses which range from
working on site, in collaborative teams in typical rustic Dutch villages to residencies in
abandoned industrial venues. Ranging from very local but interdisciplinary work to
internships and workshops abroad… In all cases, we seek for our participants
confrontations/encounters with ‘what is strange and different’,
and to be ‘not home, but underway’.

We (Anne, Trudi and Henny) found each other in the conviction that the scenographic eye
is one of many perspectives that is multi-faceted and should be trained to be so.
We imagine spaces where these perspectives can meet. We seek participants that are
eager and ready to draw new lines between points, ready to embark on a travel that takes time.

Anne Habermann works as Course leader Scenography|Costume design at
Toneelacademie Maastricht, Institute of Performative Arts, Zuyd Hogeschool.
Trudi Maan and Henny Dörr work at the University of the Arts Utrecht,
Scenography BA and MA at the School of Theatre (HKU).